Bebop History

Hmmmm ??????

Bebop is both the MorningMan and the NightGuy of Radio Now. In the morning he is Bebop Loco, the Hilarious One. At night, working all night, unable to go home to Mrs. Bebop and the little Virgin, his daughter, he is Bebop Lobo, the Night Wolf, the Canine of Canoga, the Imaginary Carnivore. In his spare time, he enjoys swooping across the Great Desert in the luminous Green Locomobile. He is afraid of basilisks. He has a jazz beard. He is from Fresno, originally, but lives now in FunFun town. Outskirts thereof. He has higher ambitions, but Radio calls him. He likes music behind his voice. He prefers not to be seen, but I found apicture of him on the web ???

The night wolf ???.