Winter Thoughts

This site started as an experiment in writing and over the last few months of 2002, about twenty people participated with stories, poems, doggerel, jokes and thoughts. We’ve all now built up quite a bunch of writing and it’s all here on the Blog of the Unknown, nothing erased, nothing edited. As well,there’s a swelling list of “Members” and I can access info as to the fact that now a posted article and its discussion responses are getting around two thousand reads. Granted, a lot of that is us reading our own stuff, but ???

I’m really pleased with this Blog and only sorry that I sometimes don’t have the time for quick responses and frequent submissions. As soon as I solve the computer problems for two houses a thousand miles apart and a lot of camping and travelling inbetween, I’ll be better, I’m sure.

Oona has contributed most of the graphic art so far, with Tigerlily weighing in recently with that beautiful shot of the snow street. Zdim has put up some wonderful links. We could use more of these things, although I’ll let everyone know if we reach some memory limits on this site. As I say, it’s free, it’s an experiment and I don’t know if this could all go away any minute or not.

These are the people who have weighed in most often with the most stuff: Robert G. Margolis, Mark Trail, Mr. Muckle, Zenlen, Zdim, Bernard (or is it Berard?) Flapdoodle, Bernie Splim, Tigerlily and Richard Brown.

These are people whom we hope will let us know more: Zusty, Susie Tanner, the Catman, Katie Wafer, Tom O’Neill, Chris Heilman, Woofless, Redundo Caloriepeter, Randy, and Clancy.

And to anyone who chances upon this site, please feel free to post anywhere and everywhere on a Blog of the Unknown entering its second year.

If anyone wants to look at the first two chapters of my story Ed Woodpecker, Private Eye, here’s the link to the Firesign Theatre Blog wherin they lie: Fireblog

This blog is about writing and art and not much more.

Happy New Year from me and Big Blonde Bombshell and the current crop of canines: Waddell (the Xmas Miracle Pup,) Bodie, Noodle and Callie. As I write this, I’m on Mystery Island, the sun goes down at four-thirty, the winter ducks are out on Bitch Bay, the gray squirrel haunts the birdhouses, our house is sinking three inches in places into the bottomless Puget Sound, I’ve mostly fixed the current leaks in the moss-enhanced roof, there’s still enough wood for weeks before I ask Mark (The Self-Chopping Woodman)to chop some more, which won’t be necessary because any time now we’re going to have to head South and try to earn some money in Fabulous Hollywood. The skiing at Crystal Mountain has been fun, like spring with powder and sun. New storm coming in tonight and hopefully we’ll get at least one more day. The Bombshell has new skis and a bunny suit that makes her look even more like Ursula Andress than she currently does. Life is as good as I thought it would be, although I didn’t much think about it when I had the chance, but then we all probably think that about ourselves, and here’s to us. Thanks to all of you, you’ve been such fun, I hope we go on forever, all of us.