It’s Almost June, and Time to Consider

On XM radio ???
This is the almost six-monthly update for the Blog of the Unknown. Well, here we are again, ready for another sobering review by the guy who set this blog up. Oh, God. And I like to call him, Me.
We’ve had another big and beautiful piece from Robber G. Margolis, with em- and amendations by many. I personally love the whole idea of a tower (the Artistic Center of Life when I was growing up, was Carmel, California. Tor. Robinson Jeffers. You get it. I’ve started a story about the Municipal Water Tower in Fresno, but I haven’t finished it.) Robber G. has invented not only a world but a kind of way of thinking that’s absorbingly interesting.
We’ve had Zdim’s world and Mark Trail’s travels and Tiggylil’s soulful soulfulness. (I’m tired of being a GOOD writer. I’m going to investigate – embrace – my previous life as a BAD writer.) We’ve had Elks and investigations. We are Festooned and Garlanded and more. In other words, the blog continues in its original addled spirit. We don’t erase anything, everyone’s welcome to contribute anything she/he wants whether it’s words or pictures or links. We sneer at people who update their blogs daily. We don’t care. We’re about quality and to hell with dailyness. Unless things change. Unless I actually get it together and buy a new computer for our Mystery Island House and so not have to trudge next door to Ed and Darci’s house to use their computer and so slow down on my entire life. I’ll get it together any minute. That and a new cell phone. And the rain gutter on the Willow Glen House that I haven’t finished. And the Nick Danger for July fourth I haven’t written yet. And the trip to Mystery Island only a week away. I’ve got to make a list.
By my standards, we’re a big success on this blog. And by the way, for anyone new to this world, just click on the little cattleskulls at the bottom of articles to access the wonderful world of discussion that lurks behind the headlines.

And thanks to everyone ???..

Phil and Oona