Beaver Teeth, A Novel

My novel, Beaver Teeth, is being unveiled, chapter by chapter, over there on the right under the Stuff label. I’ve revamped the way it’s set up as I’m getting used to managing WordPress.  Still hoping that Erin is going to get the newer comments back and put them here.

5 thoughts on “Beaver Teeth, A Novel

  1. For some weird reason, as the old Manila posts are set up here, the new comments have disappeared. I’m trying to get them back.

  2. Looks as if we’ll be able to resurrect the comments that were here. Erin is working on it and they’ll probably be back.

  3. If history is any guide, and it rarely is, even if those comments are lost, new ones will pile up like large corporate bankruptcies. We of The Blog of the Unknown have the fortitude, the stick-to-it-ive-ness-itud-inality, the fundamental soundness to do our part.

    I’m Len, and I thought I approved this message, but I approved somebody else’s by mistake.

  4. Thanks lcassamas. I’ve pretty much learned more about how to manage wordpress and I’ve rearranged things some now. I’ll get to a new post soon and open up the comments on it and B-teeth can now exist happily over in the right-hand column and we can go back to being more of a blog from now on.


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